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New DeGod Holders

claim your purchase, post a tweet, and get blasted with follows, likes, retweets on becoming a DeGods holder

  • steps:
  • 1: connect wallet
  • 2: claim your proof of purchase
  • 3: Link a tweet introducing yourself
  • 4: Get your notifications absolutely destroyed
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Raid for $Dust

Win $DUST by showing your love to new DeGods holders.

  • steps:
  • 1: Like, retweet, reply and follow a new DeGod’s twitter post.
  • 2: We’ll pick the most creative, kind, or funny replies to win 33.3 $DUST each.
  • 3: You will be tagged by @DeGodsCommunity if you win.

*Disclaimer: DUST will be sent to you via HeyWallet. Never reply to any DM’s or any Twitter Posts except @DeGodsCommunity for your prize.